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Joint European Project of Technical Assistance of Commission of European Communities (TEMPUS/TASIS) "Development of Integrated Coastal Management Training and Education" is executing during the period 2000 - 2002.

The main participants of the Project:
  • University of Cadiz, Spain - coordinated university,
  • University of Aveiro, Portugal,
  • Russian State Hydrometeorological University.

  • The Project is executed at assistance:
  • Department "Coastal zone and small islands", UNESCO,
  • Ministry of an Industry, Science and Technical Policy of Russian Federation.

  • The project is executed at co-operation with other international and Russian programs:
  • Program of Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO "Baltic Floating University";
  • Program of cooperation of Baltic countries in the field of education - project "Baltic University";
  • Federal purpose-oriented program of Russian Federation "World ocean" - project "Harmonization of the relations of the users by different natural resources of coastal zones of the seas of Russian Federation (social and economic, legal, ecological, institutional problems of Integrated Coastal Zone Management)";
  • Federal purpose-oriented program "Revival of the Russian Marine" - research and engineering projects on maintenance of construction of new port complexes in Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland by the order and with the participation of general designer of joint-stock company "LENMORNIIPROEKT".

  • The purposes of the Project:
  • Mining and intrusion in educational process the innovation education program of training on the specialization "Integrated Coastal Zone Management",
  • Propagation of a methodology of an ICZM and its intrusion in practice with the purposes of maintenance sustainable development of coastal zones of the seas of Northwest of Russia,
  • Harmonization of the relations of different nature-users, rational usage of coastal resources, conditioning of social and economic growth of coastal territories.

  • Direct problems of the Project:
  • Mining frame of preparation of the experts and educational schedule of training on a specialization of an ICZM in RSHU on the basis specialty 061109 "Management of organization";
  • Mining the programs and intrusion in educational process in RSHU of basic courses, directional on preparation of the experts in the field of ICZM;
  • Preparation of methodical maintenance of disciplines of specializations in conformity with the designed educational programs and schedules.
  • Detailed training of the RSHU teachers in the field of ICZM at universities-partners;
  • Additional training of the students, learning in RSHU on a specialization of ICZM, at University of Cadiz (Spain);
  • Participation of the students of universities-partners on summer training-scientific Cruises organized by RSHU for analysis of a coastal zone of the Gulf of Finland, Baltic sea and other seas of northwest of Russia;
  • Improvement of a resource base, educational equipment for management of educational process in RSHU;