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Joint European Project of Technical Assistance of Commission of European Communities (TEMPUS/TASIS) "Development of Integrated Coastal Management Training and Education" (Grant ¹ JEP 10814-1999).

The code of the project: EU-COMET (EU Coastal Management Education and Training).

Project period: 2000 - 2002

The participants of the project:
  • University of Cadiz (UC, Spain) - coordinated university;
  • University of Aveiro (UA, Portugal);
  • Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU, Russia).

  • Project news
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Department has included to Europe UNESCO Network. August 21, 2002, the Agreement concerning the establishment of a UNITWIN co-operation programme between UNESCO and the "Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development, Europe Region (WiCoP-Europe)" Network was signed. Now the WiCop-Europe Network is consisting of the University of Cadiz (Spain), University of Aveiro (Portugal), University of Bologna (Italy), University of Latvia and RSHU (Russia).
  • August 2002, from 7 till 18, the annual Baltic Floating University Cruise was held onboard the RV "Sibiriakov". The scientific team included research staff, undergraduates and Ph.D. students from RSHU (Russia), University of Plymouth (United Kingdom), Cadiz University (Spain) and Aveiro University (Portugal). For students training was provided in the area of making observations, analysing hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological data, considering problems of ecological safety and protection of the ocean. Lectures given onboard covered different subjects of oceanography. The cruise created a unique opportunity for exchange of ideas between the young scientists of different nations and unforgettable atmosphere of friendship. See a Short Cruise Programme, List of Participants and some pictures from the Cruise.
  • August 7, the group of students-managers of the RSHU oceanological faculty were back to St. Petersburg from the education training in the University of Cadiz (Spain).
  • May 25-27 conducted the first trial video-conference between UCA (Cadiz, Spain) and RSHU (St. Petersburg, Russia) on a network the Internet prepared by Center of New Information Technologies of RSHU (manager Sergey Vinogradov). May 27 in news have shared: on the part of St. Petersburg - administration of RSHU, introduced rector of RSHU Lev Karlin, pro-rectors of RSHU Vladimir Sakovitch and Vladimir Vorobyev, on the part of Cadiz - participants of a working occurring under the project. During a video-conference both parties were interchanged by judgments on laying ahead summer Cruise on a hydrographic RV «SIBIRYAKOV».
  • May 22-29 for participation in a scheduled joint occurring, the University of Cadiz was visited by group of the RSHU teachers (Plink Nikolai, Gogoberidze George, Eremina Tatiana) and post-graduate student of ICZM Department Tyuryakov Svyatoslav. Progamme and participants of vizit.
  • May 8, 2002, the group of the Russian students of RSHU Oceanological faculty by ICZM specialization (15 persons) arrived to University of Cadiz (Spain) for 3-mounths intensive including training in frame of TEMPUS\TACIC Project activities. Goals of visit and list of participants.

  • Site news
  • On the page "Publications/Textbooks" the information about new textbooks "Coastal Zone Economics", "Coastal Law" and "Integrated Coastal Management Planning Strategies" is added.
  • Information about new textbook "Coastal Zone Economics" adds to Publication/Cources part.
  • 17-21 June the EU COMET - UNESCO Workshop on TEMPUS/Tacis Joint European Project and UNESCO/UNITWIN Network on Wise Coastal Practices took part in RSHU. The Programme of Workshop.
  • New photos added to "Fotogallery".